This magazine is a very early Walther production and was issued with the 2nd delivery of commercial Mod. HP pistols to Sweden. Sweden accepted the Mod. HP into service under the name m/39. Two deliveries were made to Sweden and involved a total of 1500 pistols (1st delivery: 1000 pistols within serial range 1060-2060).

The second delivery of Mod. HP pistols to Sweden took place in April 1940 and involved approximately 500 pistols in the serial range 2100-2930. Magazines issued with these pistols were not stamped with a serial number or any other markings. A few magazines are known that are stamped with the number 35 on the spines. The exact meaning of this number is unknown, but it is commonly accepted that it was most likely some sort of inspection stamp. The floorplates of the magazines were made according to a new design and have a notch at the rear.



Magazine for the Walther HP Swedish contract 2nd delivery m39

Walther HP magazine for the Swedish contract 2nd delivery m39 floorplate notch