This magazine is very early Walther production (1939). It was issued with the 1st delivery of commercial Mod. HP pistols to Sweden. Sweden accepted the Mod. HP into service under the name m/39. Two deliveries were made to Sweden and involved a total of 1500 pistols (1st delivery: 1000 pistols within serial range 1060-2060, 2nd delivery 500 pistols).

Magazines provided with the 1st Swedish delivery of Mod. HP pistols did not have any army acceptance stamps on the spine because they were intended for the commercial market. Magazines issued with the first delivery of Mod. HP pistols to the Swedish Army (in the serial number range H1060-H2065) were stamped on the left side of the magazine housing with the respective serial number. Pistols from the first delivery had serial numbers that started with a H prefix. This prefix letter was not present on magazines provided with these pistols. Spare magazines were stamped with a + behind the serial number. These magazines have early floorplates without a notch.


Mod. HP magazine for 1st Swedish Contract m/39

Walther HP m39 swedish floorplate notchless