The serial number on earlier ac41 magazines is -stamped on the toe of the floorplate. At the beginning of 1942, the serial number was shifted to appear alongside the floorplate.

This magazine belongs to an ac-42 with serial number 5858a (February 1942). Unfortunately this pistol is not reported yet.

Magazines from this variation can be found with ac42 pistols up to the c-block.

P.38 is stamped on the left side of the housing and the magazine has two Walther E/359 acceptance marks on the spine. One is stamped on the bottom of the spine and the other one just above the middle.

The small internal parts are also stamped with the Walther inspection stamp E/359.

P38 ac42 magazine serial numbered

P38 Walther ac42 serial number magazine alongside

P38 walther ac42 magazine internal parts E/359