The magazine shown here is from an ac41 pistol from a no-letter-suffix block and has identical properties as the last ac40 magazine variation. Magazine markings remained the same from about “ac40 standard” serial number 7300a to a yet-to-be-determined point in the ac41 a-suffix serial number block. Therefore it can be safely estimated that around 40,000 magazines were produced of the ac41 1st variation.

P.38 is stamped on the left side of the housing. The spine is stamped with two E/359 inspection markings. One is found on top-center location, while the other E/359 is located on the left side of the bottom.

ac41 1st variation magazine P38




P38 magazine ac41 1st variation floorplate serial number

The serial number of the pistol was stamped on the toe of the floorplate. This location for the serial number was used untill 1942. The serial number 1448 indicates that the matching pistol was produced in January 1941.

P38 magazine ac41 1st variation internal parts WaA

The internal parts are stamped with the Walther inspection stamp E/359.